Touch Bionics has created robotic fingers

The company Touch Bionics continues to develop its roboprotezy, remaining a technology leader in the field of prosthetic hands. If before its unique electric prostheses were focused only on people who have lost a brush completely, now the developer is offering special models for prosthetic individual fingers, reports Engadget.

Touch Bionics

In addition improved and wrist prosthesis. There are more choices in size, for example, for people with small hands. Computer and the entire control filling placed directly on roboruke whose design was further developed as a whole and become leaner.

Recall that the main feature of the prosthesis Touch Bionics, in addition to a large degree of freedom, is a technology management. Special sensors read electrical impulses to the muscles of the hands and on their basis the movement of a robotic hand. The price of new prostheses Touch Bionics is not available, saying only that the 500 people it has helped to develop and update the number of potential customers, the company will increase to 1.2 million.


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