Touchscreen laptops with Windows 8 are not in high demand

While the corporation Microsoft, as reported by the success of the new operating system Windows 8 and says the sale of 40 million licenses of the OS, some of its partners say sluggish sales, this all is also affecting the Touchscreen laptops sales.

Touchscreen laptops

Thus, the chief financial officer of ASUS, David Chang stated that the demand for Windows 8 is not high enough. According to him, the Touchscreen laptops screen and a new operating system on board sold poorly. However, he declined to give sales model Vivobook, which was listed as the most mass-marketed touch laptop with Windows 8 Online Best Buy. This device attracts buyers to a very affordable price. Configuration with a 11.6-inch touch screen, a processor Intel Core i3, RAM 4 GB and the hard drive capacity of 500 GB for sale at Best Buy for $ 480.

Acer company representative said that Touchscreen laptops are less than 20% of the total notebook sales. This is due to their higher price than conventional laptops. The company believes that by reducing the cost of devices with touch screens will be able to increase their popularity. The Acer also declined to give details about sales of products with the operating system Windows 8. In addition, earlier this month, company executives have expressed uncertainty about what consumers will accept favorably the new OS.

Further notes that the model Acer Aspire V5 with a 15.6-inch display is the best selling Touchscreen laptops with Windows 8 on the website Amazon, and the device ASUS Vivobook uses slightly less in demand. But the two models are not included in the top 20 best-selling laptops.

This was all regarding the Windows 8 Touchscreen laptops, stay tuned for more.

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