Transcend JetFlash 760 USB 3.0 Pendrive: Review & Specs

This Transcend JetFlash 760 64GB model has a capacity of 64 GB for about 75 euros and proves almost three times swifter than the best USB 2.0. It has very good & offer software for download.

Transcend JetFlash 760

For 75 euros, this Transcend JetFlash 760 offers a capacity of 64 GB and maximum speeds of 77 MB / s read and 65MB / s write.

The promise

Transcend offers two new capabilities to its USB 3.0 JetFlash 760 64GB (75 euros) and 128 GB (150 euros approx). The manufacturer advertises speeds of up to 80MB / s read and 68 MB / s write.


Transcend JetFlash 760

The Transcend JetFlash 760 64GB is a plastic casing while, but extremely thin (less than 1 cm thick). The USB connector goes in and out of the housing by pushing a cursor placed on top. To report the activity of the key, a blue diode is placed near the cursor, but it is only visible from above. Transcend does not deliver software, but offers two free download on its website. Simple to use, the first “all-in-one” Transcend Elite offers functions bookmark sync Internet, backup and encryption. Backups can be compression or encryption. The second RecoverRx, retrieve media files that have been accidentally deleted from storage media (memory card, USB drive). Recovery can take a long time, but the use is simple.
A good balance for large files

For large file transfers, Transcend JetFlash 760 64GB pendrive offers a good balance between reading (77.3 MB / s) and write (65.2 MB / s). Flows are correct, but the SanDisk Extreme is two times faster (172.2 MB / s read and 135.8 MB / s write). For medium-sized files, MP3 audio and JPEG picture images, the results are mixed: the playback speed is acceptable (respectively 72.6 and 59.3 MB / s). But the write speed drops dramatically (44.6 MB / s MP3), especially for pictures (13.7 MB / s). Overall, the Transcend JetFlash 760 64GB is slightly slower than the Corsair Flash Voyager Slider. However, it does not heat up too: it was found a temperature of 44 degrees after intensive use.
The verdict

The Transcend JetFlash 760 64GB offers good performance with a good balance for the transfer of large files. We appreciate the finesse of the case and bundled software.

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