Transcend SSD320, performance via SATA 6Gbps: Features, Specs & Price

The company Transcend has announced the arrival of the new model format 2.5-inch SSD and SATA 6 Gbps Transcend SSD320. There was a time when there were only few companies who were manufacturing Solid State Drive but with the advancement and the demand of SSD has forced the manufacturers from all around the globe to enter in the era of SSD. Transcend is well known brand and now it has introduced Transcend SSD320 which is available in different versions and moreover it is featuring pretty good specs and data rate.

Transcend SSD320

This unit Transcend SSD320 uses a MLC memory with second generation driver SandForce SF-2281 which promises performance of up to 560 Mbytes / s. According to Transcend it can achieve sequential transfers of 560 MB / s read and 530 MB / s in writing with a maximum write rate of 4K files 87,000 IOPS. These ratings shows, it is pretty fast and flexible.

Transcend SSD320 system also offers an ECC as well as integrated technology to produce uniform wear of memory cells, which promises a longer life for itself and reliability for your data.

This new unit Transcend SSD320 comes in capacities of 64 Gbytes, 128 Gbytes and 256 Gbytes at prices of 79, 129 and 229 dollars respectively. So, you can pick any of the Transcend SSD320 versions suitable for you as according to your need and affordability.

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