Upcoming 5 New 3LCD Projectors from Epson: Specs and Release date

Model numbers of new 3 LCD projectors from Epson are EB-4950WU, EB-4850WU, EB-4750W, EB-4650 and EB-4550.

Epson recently released details of the upcoming LCD installation projectors. Epson says they have been designed for easy installation and feature brightness levels of up to 5,200 lumens through Epson’s 3LCD technology.

The projectors contain a number of features which will help to simplify setting up in businesses, schools and  universities.  These projectors will have wide zoom ratio, lens shift, and arc and point correction, enable the units to be set up in a variety of positions without picture blurring or image distortion.

All models will feature 5000:1 contrast ratio, with a zoom ratio of 1.8x (EB-4950WU and EB-4850WU models) or 2.0x (EB-4750W, EB-4650, and EB-4550 models).

New Epson LCD Projectors
New Epson LCD Projectors

All five projectors feature two digital inputs: HDMI and DisplayPort.

Brightness levels and resolutions will be as below:

EB-4950WU – 4,500 lumens – Full HD WUXGA screen resolution

EB-4850WU – 4,000 lumens – Full HD WUXGA screen resolution

EB-4750W –  4,200 lumens – WXGA screen resolution

EB-4650 – 5,200 lumens – XGA screen resolution

EB-4550 – 4,500 lumens – XGA screen resolution

All the projectors will be available from June 2013. Prices are not yet announced.

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