Upcoming HTC Vertex tablet: Specs and Features

It seems that the prestigious HTC has never been taken very seriously everything about the world of tablets. But now here comes the news that HTC could be working to release a new tablet model to markets in the coming months. We are talking about the new HTC tablet that has been revealed from sources. This new tab is HTC Vertex. Below I have mentioned information and its main features.

HTC Vertex

The HTC Vertex tablet that market could be launched HTC soon, HTC Vertex surely have screen of total size of 10.1 inches, and at present HTC doesn’t have any tab which has 10.1 inches display so it is going to be first for HTC. Turning to the hardware it looks like it will have Nvidia Tegra 3 which is currently being used by Smartphone i.e. HTC X One. Of course it will run under the latest operating system from Google, Ice Cream Sandwich, which will give another plus when purchasing this new tablet model. In Addition, it will also have the Beats Audio. Other details are known, are on full capacity internal memory, which will be 16GB and can later be expandable by inserting microSD cards. Moreover, it will have 1GB of RAM that is enough for components to smoothly run most applications currently available.

Also the screen resolution of HTC Vertex tablet will reach a maximum of a total of 1280 × 800 pixels and will as usual in most of these devices with 2 cameras, one front and one rear. The front first will have a maximum resolution of 1.3 megapixels and another 8 megapixels. Also in revealed information, HTC have stressed that this new tablet will have something special that will make it different from other range of tablets that are already available. We will see that something special and if it can be another point in favor of this new tab from HTC. We do not know the exact date-to-market as well as fully know what their selling price in the markets. We’ll see if the end comes at last to the market and see that this is their acceptance among a public increasingly demanding. It was all regarding the upcoming HTC Verge tablet which is getting prepared under hood of HTC and it will surely come with bang for its competitors.


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