Upgrading the RAM on new iMac 2012 is mission impossible – iFixit

The specialized portal iFixit has disassembled the new iMac from Apple. And this new iMac 2012 only got index scoring a 3 out of 10 in repairing and qualifying as almost impossible to upgrade the RAM or replace units.

new iMac

The new generation of computers all-in-one Apple iMac 2012 is available since last Friday in its model with 21.5-inch screen.

The Apple AIO, in addition to being the ‘all in one’ best sellers market, can also boast of being the thinnest desktop thanks to a thickness of only 5 mm in a redesigned aluminium and glass.

High technology organization as iFixit has its counterpart and marked repairability score of 7 out of 10 for the previous iMac, has gone to 3 with some components with difficult access.

The specialized portal iFixit recommend to those who like or need to change computer components buy the iMac 2011 model. Especially significant is the case of the RAM “buried beneath the motherboard,” said iFixit, so it should be “removed most of the imac to gain access.”

For this we should consider updating, but expand from 8 to 32 Gbytes of RAM in 27 inch iMac will cost a whopping $ 600, an exorbitant price compared to the cost of third party manufacturers. At least the new iMac comes standard with 8 Gbytes of memory, enough in a standard environment.

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