UrbanHello : A cool looking home phone

The UrbanHello phone from inShareEmail, a French startup company, has tried making the household landline phone look lively and sexy. Launched at CES 2013 and on Kickstarter simultaneously, the cool looking UrabanHello home phone will bring modern look to the phones connected to landline and also enhance the experience for the whole household. So like the smartphones, the home phones are also are stepping up in the game.

The prominent features include a built-in 360-degree high definition loudspeaker with 3W output and bass boost technology enabling users to use the hands free capability, chat while you work. The UrbanHello comes with a dual OLED display panels (with 128 x 32 pixel resolution) that only light up when the phone is in use, reducing the power consumption.

Urbanhello Home Phone
UrbanHello Home Phone

There are two modes to the UrbanHello, the earphone mode and the loudspeaker mode, the earphones are not visible but are very sensitive. The dimensions are 218mm x 81mm x 74mm and the phone can be placed on a flat surface without worrying about falling down. The keypad is placed at the bottom of the phone.

The UrbanHello can store upto 20 phone entries in its memory and keeps a log of another 20 recent received calls. It uses NiMH battery which can later be exchanged with regular AAA battery. The initial battery will last upto 5 years. The battery life is approximately 200 hours on standby.

The model is available in many colors, the green bodied color version is more popular and has received a reward. The unit is supplied with base station for connection to a landline.

Urbanhello Home Phone


The early bird price on Kickstarter for the green colored phone is $119, but will go up to $135 post Feb 14th. The retail price could even be higher.

Though the price is on little higher side, the UrbanHello with its sleek design and HD sound quality will definitely interest as a plug and play landline phone.

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