Use Google Docs Viewer to convert files to PDF

Using this tip, you can convert web files of various formats like MS Word, XLS sheets, Photoshop, PowerPoint PPTs, etc. to PDF using Google Docs Viewer.

The trick lies in the in-built ability of Google Docs’ PDF converter. It supports almost all popular file formats including Word documents, Power point Presentations, HTML web pages etc.

Here are the steps to do the conversion:

Step 1: upload the file you wish to convert to PDF to Google Docs

Step 2: choose the “Download as PDF” option. This will convert the file into PDF

That’s it.

If your need is to convert a file from another website to PDF, then the easy option is you can save the file locally to your computer and follow above two steps to convert to PDF.

Another quicker option is using Google Docs viewer. This is without downloading the file to your computer. Google Docs viewer is intelligent enough to download and then convert.

Step 1: open the online file into Google Docs Viewer.

Step 2: use Ctrl + P to print it as a PDF

Another scenario is where you wish to directly save web page as PDFs.

Option 1 using Nitro PDF Reader: open the web page in your browser and then print it locally using the Nitro PDF Reader

Option 2 using email service: Just mail the webpage URL to They will do the conversion and send you the converted PDF.

If you want to convert word documents to PDFs on a mobile phone, here is how you can do it:

Option 1 using apps: Download a PDF conversion app for the iPhone and Android phones.

Option 2 using email facility: send the file to be converted to as an email attachment. They do the conversion for you and inform you once the conversion is done.

If your need is other way round i.e. to convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word and Excel formats, then you can use Nuance PDF Reader. It’s fairly easy to use.

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