Useful DLSR Accessory: The Bluetooth Smart Trigger

Being a professional photographer, you would definitely want to control the camera remotely, which was missing till date in digital SLRs. Satechi’s BT Smart Trigger is a new Bluetooth device that would help you in managing your DSLR remotely. The Bluetooth Smart Trigger which is recently launched works with range of DSLRs with the likes of Canon and Nikon. The Smart Trigger remote gives full control over the camera’s shutter to photographers. The wireless triggering of a camera is not a new feature but was never experimented for DSLR, that too via your smartphone.

The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger resides on the hot shoe which is normally reserved for flashes and other accessories of your DSLR and connects using a small cable. It uses USB connectivity and gives four options to the photographers. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 capability to communicate with the iPhone or any other smart device running the Smart Trigger application, giving an impressive 50 feet range and a low power consumption giving upto 10 years of battery life.

Bluetooth Smart TriggerThe Bluetooth Smart Trigger has Basic Standard shooting mode and also has Manual Shot and Time Shot. The Manual Shot let user take long exposures and lock the shutter open whereas the Timed Shot allows user to capture series of images and join them together to form contiguous image.

The only limitation of the Bluetooth Smart Trigger is that you still have to always remain with the camera to check what you are capturing.

The Bluetooth Smart Trigger is compatible with the iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad. It is still not compatible with Android devices such as the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2. Satechi is expecting the compatibility will be coming by end of March 2014.

The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger is available at US$44.99 and is one of the best option for amateur photographers to experiment with the long exposure shots using their smart device like their iPhones.

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