Verbatim Store n Go USM external hard drive: Review & Specs

Disk Verbatim Store n Go USM USB 3.0 offers speeds of 79 MB / s read and 72MB / s write for large file transfers. Its USB 3.0 interface is easily replaced but the other modules are not yet available.

Verbatim Store n Go USM

The new Verbatim Store n Go USM 2.5-inch external hard drive from Verbatim benefits from the specification USM ( Universal Storage Module ) to easily change the interface (USB 3.0 by default). The change is simple? What is the performance USB 3.0? Below, review of Verbatim Store n Go USM 500GB hard drive is mentioned.


Verbatim Store n Go USM

With its glossy black casing, the Verbatim Store n Go USM disc opts for sobriety. At the rear of the housing is USM module that increases the depth of about 1.5 cm. This comprises on top a big activity LED white and stands out just to change the interface. Alas, Verbatim could not tell us when the additional interfaces (Firewire, eSata, Thunderbolt) will be available and at what price. The disc comes with a miniUSB cable to the correct length (44 cm). It is formatted in FAT32 to be directly usable on Windows and Mac OS.

Less than 80 MB / s read for DivX

With the operating system from Microsoft, it provides a real capacity of 465 GB Performance is correct, nothing more. In a test, it was measured the maximum data rates of 83.22 MB / s read and 82.93 MB / s write (CrystalDiskMark test). To transfer large files in Windows, the flows are of 79.04 MB / s read and 72.4 MB / s write. Thus, it takes about 10 seconds to copy a 700 MB DivX disk and 9 seconds to go the other way. In comparison, the Seagate Portable Backup Plus is much more swift: 110.04 MB / s read and 91.24 MB / s write.

Flows continue for Verbatim Store n Go USM in reading for medium sized files but drop in writing: 52 , 43 MB / s for photos and Jpeg only 23.28 MB / s for photos JPeg.

A good backup software

On the software side, Verbatim delivers the Nero BackItUp backup program (Windows version only) with Verbatim Store n Go USM drives. The disc also features a small formatting tool (conversion of FAT32 file system to NTFS if you use the drive only under Windows), and through Green Button. This controls the idle time before the disk goes to sleep to save power. A very useful feature for owners of laptops as it prevents unnecessary use of battery power.

The verdict

Verbatim Store n Go USM offers decent performance and good software bundle. Alas, the Seagate Portable Backup Plus, the same price, is faster and comes with great software.



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