ViewSonic Pro 9000 Full HD projector with long life: Review & Specs

ViewSonic Pro 9000 is the one of the few Full HD home cinema projector can operate for 20,000 hours thanks to a hybrid lighting system, combining LED and laser. The picture is quite convincing, despite a feeble light.

ViewSonic Pro 9000
The promise

The Viewsonic Pro 9000 is a DLP projector (Texas Instrument chip DarkChip 3) using two technologies for Backlight laser and light emitting diodes. It is a hybrid device that offers a big advantage against conventional projectors lamp. The life of LED is estimated at more than 20,000 hours against only 3000 to 4000 hours lamp, which costs 300 and 500 euros. However, these devices are generally less bright LED as conventional and less flattering to use film.

The ViewSonic Pro 9000 projector is beautiful. Its hull two-tone black and blue shiny brushed a success. At the rear, the connectivity is fairly standard (2 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 composite video input, audio input and output minijack) and no USB port available. Without decoding chip, you cannot play media files or office from a USB memory.
How does it work?

ViewSonic Pro 9000

An image is produced using the three colors red, blue and green in ViewSonic Pro 9000. The latter color, heavily used in the composition of colors is also one that suffers the most loss of brightness. This is what promises to correct the hybrid laser / LED using LED for the red and blue and a laser beam to the return of the green. It’s hybrid technology that would guarantee very high contrast ratio and long product life very interesting.
The advantages of the hybrid

The first advantage is perceived in the early hours of films for visual comfort. This technology, using more color wheel, remove – or at least seriously reduce – flickering colors related to the DLP technology.
Secondly this technology ‘without lamp” is less intensive electricity. It consumes only 194 watts against nearly 250 watts average for a device with conventional lamp. The hybrid system also heats much less. Thus, the ventilation does not need to breathe hard to cool the assembly. Also, the ViewSonic Pro 9000 purrs quietly enough (38.8 dB at 50 cm from the camera).
Image very pleasing to the eye
Once the room plunged into darkness, we can appreciate the high quality of the optical unit. Welcome the accuracy of the development, which contributes greatly to the remarkable sharpness of the image such as Blu-ray.

Few small regrets: the ViewSonic Pro 9000 does not offer lens shift (optical shift) and the diagonal size of the projected image is a bit small (1.56 m 2 m diagonal back) for such a device. Still need a good drop (3.5 m) to get a great image, the pleasure is there. The Pro 9000 is, however, limited the return of dark scenes in movies because of the brightness and contrast a little tight (respectively 135 cd / m² and 830:1 in movie mode).
Colorimetry to refine

ViewSonic Pro 9000
Cinema mode as in standard mode, the image is drawn to the green or to blue. Fortunately, Viewsonic has a new interface offering a level of tuning (gamut, hue, saturation, luminance, etc.). Thus, manage quite easily to make adjustments using solid colors (red, green and blue) or a movie you know well.
Good ergonomics efforts
ViewSonic treat the software part of its projector equipment far less comprehensive and much less easy to control than competing products. We can only applaud the efforts of the Pro 9000. The possible settings are now many (both predefined user profiles that). If movie mode is suitable for most projections, picky users will surely use custom settings to adjust the image. Add the remote also has perfect ergonomics. Backlit blue, it also offers all the shortcut keys to control intuitively the device.
The verdict
The Viewsonic Pro 9000 projector takes advantage of the strengths of the new hybrid technology: service life of the backlighting, reasonable power consumption, low noise … We also love the richness of settings. However, it would be a little premature crack for this model quite expensive. This was all regarding ViewSonic Pro 9000 Full HD projector.

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