ViewSonic Pro9000 projector with full HD 1080p: Review & Specs

This ViewSonic Pro9000 model joins the Acer K750 in the category of Full HD 1080p projector without a lamp, but can run 20,000 hours. And it is even a bit cheaper with benefits.

The ViewSonic Pro9000 is built to last. It owes hybrid light source combining a laser and LEDs.

ViewSonic Pro9000
An economical over time

ViewSonic Pro9000

This small projector ViewSonic Pro9000 uses DLP mono-thus a matrix Texas Instruments and 0.65 inch enjoys a hybrid light source combining LEDs (Luminus) and a laser. This avoids both unnecessary overheating and noisy ventilation, but also it allows passing from one average life of 2000 hours for a conventional lamp, nearly 20,000 hours here. Any benefit to the user, who will not have to invest 300 to 500 euros in a new light after two years of use.

Good performance, but not 3D or Lens Shift

Especially since it ViewSonic Pro9000 provides a brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio can climb to 100 000:1 dynamic mode. Values quite correct for the home theater, even if it means to the black in the room, Zoom (1.2x) and manual focus are there. This is the classic entry level projectors. Note, however, that there is no Shfit Lens and 3D compatibility is not ensured. ViewSonic has opted for longevity and there is no doubt in that.
Connectivity honorable and affordable

ViewSonic Pro9000

However, the connection in ViewSonic Pro9000 1080p projector is sufficient to connect a game console, Blu-ray, or a cable or satellite. Or two HDMI inputs, a VGA, YUV input, a composite input, one audio input / output (two small speakers integrated 2 watt) and an RS232 port. Finally, note that this projector is quite compact (32 cm wide, 25 cm deep and 11 cm high), it is relatively light for a model home theater (4 kg) and its price is set at 1999 euros.
+The longevity of the light source
+Full HD 1080p
+The correct price
+Decent video performance

-No Lens Shift

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