Virtual Reality Glasses Oculus Rift

Attempts to create a virtual reality goggles fail for the past 25 years, but enthusiasts are not translated. All the more so with the modern element base to make these points a lot easier, thank God, and shields, and sensors become cheaper and easier. Another attempt to make Oculus LLC with the product Oculus Rift. The boys enlisted the support of at least morally, the industry giants – Valve, id Software, Epic Games, Unity, and gathered at the Kickstarter for a day of almost $ 800 thousand, instead of the required $ 250 thousand.

Oculus Rift


Features of Oculus Rift by today’s standards are not very impressive:

• 1280 × 800 (640 × 800 for each eye)
• viewing angle: 110 ° / 90 °
• tracking angle: 6 degrees of freedom, low latency
• Inputs: DVI / HDMI and USB
• platforms: PCs and mobile devices,
• Weight: 0.22 kg

The prototype, also known as Dev Kit, offered for $ 300. Presumably, the same will be ready device. Prototypes have already been sold in 2500, promise to begin deliveries in 2013.

I’ve seen a lot of points of virtual reality, none of them took off. It is a niche device, gamers will cost the usual standard visualization tools and controllers. So I honestly do not believe in the success of Oculus Rift. A more realistic look Google Glasses, by which you can not only play a console on the Android Ouya. However, the device is ready to look at it would be interesting to see what Carmack, who is himself engaged in the creation of VR-helmet, because of their praises.

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