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Gear VR
Gear VR

Virtual Reality has gripped the world of entertainment and gaming like never before in the past year. With technology evolving and advancing a lot of hardware and equipment have also evolved and advanced with time. One major development is the Virtual Reality Headset. With the cameras well equipped to shoot Virtual Reality videos, it was almost a necessity to make the VR headgear more viable and suitable for a complete immersive VR experience.
VR Headset
Virtual Reality Cardboard Headset

Before the current Virtual Reality Headsets came into picture people would use the standard Head Mounted Displays which were extremely bulky and heavy. The HMD used the Cathode Ray Tube which is why they were bulkier in size but the CRT made it possible to give better video quality. The Liquid Crystal Displays made the headsets less bulky but initially the LCD headgears compromised on the video quality. Later, with advancement in technology, the LCD headsets improved in quality and today some of the finest Virtual Reality Headgears are available in the market which give the perfect immersive Virtual Reality experience.

Gear VR by Oculus
Oculus VR Headset

Oculus Rift was the first one of its kind of headset which shook the VR world and the rest as they say is history. Facebook bought Oculus Rift. Samsung jumped into making Virtual Reality headsets and joined hands with Oculus to create a headgear which belongs to Samsung and is powered by Oculus. Because technology has grown in leaps and bounds and there is standardization worldwide, the costs of these headsets are extremely reasonable and as a result they are finding it easier to reach out to the masses.
Over the years, these headsets have become smaller in size, lighter, cheaper and also easier to carry around. Resolution has become much better along with colour saturation, making the overall quality and experience of a Virtual Reality Video much better and enhanced.

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