Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 – another competitor of Google Project Glass: Specs & Features

When you remember wearable computer in the form of glasses then it directly points to Google Project Glass and now more potential competitors of this form factor devices has started appearing, for example, in April, a similar device was presented by Oakley. Now it is distinguished with Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. Moreover, this M100 last decision would go on sale in mid-2013.

Smart Glasses M100
The company will show Smart Glasses M100 at CES 2013, but now it’s described some of the characteristics of the product. Monocle-resolution display of 240×400 pixels, and in the core of the device is SoC OMAP4430 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal flash memory. Also unusual device is able to record video in 720p resolution and take pictures. The footage can be played back through the built-in display.

Smart Glasses M100

This Smart Glasses would be working on operating system Android 4.0. Vuzix also plans to implement support for iOS and in December will release SDK. The price of Smart Glasses M100 is around $ 999 and if we talk about the connectivity with smartphones then device will connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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