Walkman reborn with Android: New Sony Walkman F800 Specs & Review

Since Android came on the stage of the struggle of smartphones seems it was meant to compete against Apple in the same manner in which competing PC and Mac. After many improvements and upgrades by both thinking that the fight is more fierce than ever, but where Apple has no competition in music players, but from now we will say that Sony had already cast more meat on the grill with the new Sony Walkman F800 dedicated music player.

Sony Walkman F800
Friends if you think Apple has the exclusive portable players then you are wrong or you know Sony revolutionized portable music world with its Walkman in the 80 and 90, and now wants to recover and return to the stage after a line Walkman mobile passed without more pain than glory.

Sony Walkman F800 is proudly powered with Android and behind all this is Android, thanks to our great Operating system, Sony can take full advantages of Android to create a new music player, You will have access to Play Store which ensures all Google applications and services except those with to do with making calls or data rate.

Android 4.0 features which ensures the penultimate version of the operating system and all the speed and fluidity that entails, in addition to that from Sony assure us that the leading processor comply with plenty of power to move the operating system and device, (Possibly a Tegra 2). This new Sony Walkman F800 will have multiple versions of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, music personally for any version is good, although it depends on the music library in each, although if you are lucky enough to use the Google service Music, you will see that the space on the device is relative, thanks to the great who have ridden with this application.

Sony Walkman F800 is a dedicated music player which is proudly running on Android and it will be supporting almost all music files such as MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, MPEG4, AVC and WMV9. Moreover, battery backup of Sony Walkman F800 last for 20 hours in audio playback and 4.5 hours of video, for which we will have enough if we are addicted to music.

Sony obviously was not going to prepare all this without some exclusivity and have invested in sound quality through technology MX S-Master Digital Amplifier from which we still have little data, but by what appears to increase the quality a lot compared other devices also are included in the pack headphones with the system. Xloud will give us more clearance and removal of noise than others.
Its design is totally influenced with the range of Xperia smartphones from Sony and does not hide it, being a derivative of these terminals but smaller by 3.5 inches and its dedication to multimedia.

In our opinion it is a great option and should go more like this and other devices having different inside Android platform as open source is perfect for their freedom, zero cost and ease of adapting without commenting on the fluidity. So, if you are getting bored of your iPod (in any case) or you want a dedicated music device (+Android) then just grab this Sony Walkman F800 music player as it will hit the market.

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