Wall Street Journal: started mass production of iPad mini

iPhone 5 – it is not the only new product from Apple, scheduled for the autumn. There were many other rumours about the iPad mini and, judging from the Wall Street Journal, it was put into mass production.

iPad mini

Information resource uses its own sources of suppliers of components for Apple. Two of them said that the tablet Apple iPad mini is equipped with a 7.85-inch display, and its resolution is lower than that of the new iPad. By the way, back in August Bloomberg reported that the production of displays for iPad mini engaged AU Optronics LG Display, while the news release is scheduled for October. Now, these data were confirmed.

Aggressive policy flatbed Amazon and Barnes & Noble could be the cause of the reduced sized model iPad mini, despite the negative attitude of Steve Jobs to the 7-inch tablet in the past. Through the efforts of competitors such gadgets have proliferated and become popular, because they are almost the size of half the 10-inch tablet that is comfortable on the road.

Name of the new Apple device is still unknown. Wall Street Journal calls it Mini iPad, most of the other sources – iPad mini. Precisely this point will be known after the official announcement.

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