We can draw Web enrich documents on Office 15

The next version of Microsoft’s flagship office suite will accommodate extensions to web services.


The next version of Microsoft’s flagship office suite, Office 15, will support extensions. In this case, it will be “apps” programmed in HTML5, Javascript or. Net. These serve to enrich a document with web services. Among the thirty already developed, and one connects to Bing. In Outlook 2013, there is a floating window; it is an address on the plan of a city. In Excel 2013, it presents the values assigned to geographic areas on a world map. In Word, it appears, in a column right, whatever is said on the web about a highlighted expression.

For connection to social networks

Office 15

Of course, there is also an app for each social network, just to show profile LinkedIn or Facebook wall of a contact in Outlook and OneNote. Other apps are used, a click on the name of a collaborator, to start a chat, even a video conference. In this case, refer to these apps Skype, Yammer and others Lync. They even offer comfort to indicate, by the color of a patch, if they are available at this time or not to chat.

A new Office Online Store

These apps, free or not, are available for download from a brand new Office Store. “We did not want to include them in the existing awning Microsoft because they do not relate to the same audience as Windows, “said Clint Patterson, director of communications for Office at Microsoft. With a billion Office users worldwide, and no need to develop kits in particular, it believes that for many e publishers will start soon in the development of apps to extend Office 15.

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