Wear a wristband that glows when you get texts, notifications on your smartphone

How about a wristband that glows when you get a text message or a phone call on your smartphone? EMBRACE+ is the new gadget in the market that will glow in various colors on your wrist. The wristband will be a wearable gadget made for your smart phone and will display specific colors to indicate depending on what kind of notification you have received on your phone. You do not have to even take the phone out of the pocket. As soon as you get the notification, the wristband will give a visual notification in a specific color and will let you differentiate between a tweet and text message. The wristband connects to your smartphone using Wi-Fi connection.

Wristband that glows when you get texts, notifications on your smartphone

The wristband features will includes indications for incoming calls, text messages, new emails, notifications from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and will even give you low battery levels indications. It will have a special feature that will help secure your phone. It will give notification if the smartphone goes far away from the wristband. This will help you giving indication when someone is stealing the phone. How much distance is far way is yet to be known. The wristband will be a waterproof gadget and you can wear it during rainy season, while swimming or taking a shower. There will be additions such as timer, alarm clock to the wristband that will display the current time on the glowing wristband.

The battery life of wristband will be good enough and should last for at least ten days. You do not have to charge it very frequently. You can charge the wristband from your laptop by using the micro-USB connection. It is understood that the EMBRACE+ wristband will be made compatible with Android 2.3, iOS5 and iOS6 smartphones. Bluetooth connectivity will be provided to connect to smartphone.

Wristband that glows when you get texts, notifications on your smartphone

As far as the design of the  wristband is concerned it will be available in two designs, one will be rounded shaped and other will be a grooved design. The team is still finalizing the prototype and deciding about its production and sell.

Release date and price

According to the details on the Kickstarter page, the release date of the wristband is July 2013. There will be definitely manufacturing challenges which could delay the launch of the product little bit. The standard version of the product will cost around $49, other versions could cost little more.

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