Western Digital launches Red Series: three hard drives for NAS

After the series of internal hard drives Green, Blue and Grey, Red is the range that is emerging from Western Digital. More robust and benefiting from advanced technologies, and a 3 year warranty with specific technical assistance, they are destined for network attached storage devices.

Red Series

Western Digital launches Red series of internal hard drives. This range is intended especially for owners of NAS drives. The brand targets individuals and small businesses with this hard drive 3.5-inch, available in three capacities: 1 TB, 2 TB and 3. To see if your NAS can accommodate these new drives, Western Digital provides a list of compatible hardware on its website.

The best technology for your Western Digital NAS

Each disk in the Red series is designed to operate continuously. With special firmware, Western ensures that data is better protected and that the disk performance in NAS environment is increased. Red series HDD consume between 3.7 watts (1 TB) and 4.4 watts and a maximum 0.6 watts at rest. The rotational speed, meanwhile, is not explicitly given but Western uses its technology Intel Power to vary the speed of the plates according to the load. Other techno highlighted, 3D Active Balance Plus which offers better balance trays inside the discs to reduce noise (22 to 24 dB depending on model) and extend their shelf life. The sustainability of each disk (MTBF) is given for a million hours, or 35% better than traditional hard drives as Western Digital. All are compatible with SATA III for a swift transfer of data (reported at 150 MB / s to 1 TB and 145 MB / s for 2 and 3 TB). A large cache (64MB) is facilitating the exchange of large files. Western Red discs are assisted free 24/24h, 7/7d and each disk is warranted for 3 years. Hard drives are already available at very reasonable price of 99 € for the 1TB model and € 189.90 for the 3 TB.
The price
The technical assistance
The 3 year warranty

The very limited use

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