Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV 4K resolution

The ultra high-definition televisions are going to be a star of the devices in the next edition of the CES electronics show, with monstrous developments of 110 inches as the firm confirmed launch of Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV.

Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV

A model ‘dwarf’ models to Asian manufacturers like LG 84-inch 4K, although it has already been sold in South Korea and the Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV model is a prototype.

A sample of these new technological 4K ultra-resolution high definition equivalent to 4 screens FullHD (3840 x 2160 pixels), for which unfortunately there are still very little content and also inaccessible to exploit its benefits.

It is much less for this gem of Panasonic recently introduced at CEATEC, with plasma technology, 145-inch diagonal and a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.
This was all regarding the Westinghouse 110 inch UHD TV which will be presented in 2013, no doubt 2013 is going to be special for smartphones with full HD and for TV and monitor with UHD 4K resolution.

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