What Aisle Is Baking Soda In? Baking Soda Aisle

You’re getting ready to bake something amazing and you realize that you need baking soda. You get in the car and drive to Kroger. You walk up and down each aisle and can’t find baking soda so you have to go find a worker who will tell you where baking soda is. They tell you the wrong aisle so you spend 10 minutes searching in the wrong place. This sounds like a nightmare and you can avoid it!

With AisleSpot, simply put in your zip code, select your store and search “Baking Soda”. It will tell you the exact aisle to go look in. This way you can know where to go without searching, asking others or wasting time!

What aisle is baking soda in Kroger? 

At my grocery store, baking soda is in Aisle 7. Aisle 7 is flour/sugar/baking/candy/coffee/tea/spices. So, baking soda will often be in the baking aisle! Here’s a picture of the results when I selected my store and typed in baking soda.

Where is baking soda in the grocery store?

Baking soda is usually in the baking aisle. It’s usually next to things like flour, spices, baking powder and more!

Find baking soda in your grocery store!

At my grocery store, baking soda is in Aisle 7 but it will differ store by store. If you shop at Kroger and want to instantly check where it is, you can now! AisleSpot is an app which helps you find products in your specific grocery store. Right now, we are only available in Kroger but we would love you to sign up for updates so you can test it at a grocery store near you!

Does Kroger carry baking soda?

Yes, Kroger usually has baking soda in stock. They have Kroger brand and Arm & Hammer brand baking soda. They usually have Clabber Girl and Rumford baking powder. 

Where do you find baking powder and baking soda?

Most grocery stores carry baking powder and baking soda. For example, these stores carry baking powder/baking soda: Target, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Giant Eagle, Winn Dixie, Price Chopper, Food 4 Less, Harris Teeters, Trader Joes, CVS, Whole Foods, Aldi, Safeway and more! If you don’t know where to look to find baking powder and baking soda, check the baking aisle!

Where is baking soda at Walmart?

You can usually find Arm & Hammer or Hospitality Pure Baking Soda in the baking aisle at Walmart. We are going to help people at all grocery stores find the products they want!

What is the price of baking soda?

The price of baking soda at Kroger ranges from $.65 for a Kroger brand box of regular baking soda to $1.69 Arm & Hammer baking soda made for cleaning!

Baking soda for cleaning vs baking soda for cooking

Arm & Hammer makes two products: one for cooking and one for cleaning. Both products are sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), but the product used for cooking is food grade while the one used for cleaning may not be. That is, you can use the cooking product to clean, but you don’t want to use the cleaning product to cook. Or else you’re going to have some really gross tasting baked goods!

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