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It can be difficult to find honey at the grocery store. Is honey with the sugar and baking supplies, is it with jellies or is it a sauce/condiment? The store placement will be different for a lot of grocery stores. It can be difficult to find at grocery stores. We will tell you the most common places Honey will be but will also give you a tool to let you find the exact location for your store. To use our tool, enter your zip code, select your store, search for “Honey” and it will show you the aisle and price!

What aisle is honey in Kroger? 

At my grocery store, Honey is in Aisle 9, which is: bread/salad dressing/condiments/dinners & rice/peanut butter/instant potatoes. Here’s a picture of the results when I selected my store and typed in Honey.

Where is honey in the grocery store? 

In most grocery stores, honey is in the aisle with the condiments & sauces or in the aisle with jellies/jams.

Find honey in your grocery store! 

At my grocery store, honey is in Aisle 9 but it will differ store by store. If you shop at Kroger and want to instantly check where it is, you can now! AisleSpot is an app which helps you find products in your specific grocery store. Right now, we are only available in Kroger but we would love you to sign up for updates so you can test it at a grocery store near you!

Is the honey at the grocery store real?

Most of the honey brands at grocery stores are real honey. But there are some cases where some are outright fakes or a mixture of honey with other products. For example, blended honey is usually a blend of honey and sugar or honey and corn syrup.

Is honey good or bad for you?

Honey has been shown to have health benefits like improved heart health, wound healing, and blood antioxidant status. However, consuming too much of anything sweet may be bad. Eating too much honey is bad for you due to its high sugar and calorie content. Honey is a good replacement for sugar but it should only be consumed in moderation. 

Why is honey so expensive?

Honey is expensive at the grocery store and in general because bees expend a large amount of energy to produce honey. It’s been estimated that one bee needs to ingest between six and eight pounds of honey just to produce one pound of beeswax. Another reason is that a wax comb only helps produce one unit of honey.

Why is supermarket honey so cheap?

If it is real honey, it may be because it’s imported from other countries where there are peasant beekeepers who sell honey. Sometimes, supermarket honey is mislabelled or is a lower quality blend of sugar and honey. Local, raw, and organic honey is going to be more expensive than the generic supermarket honey.

Is Kroger Clover Honey 100% real honey?

Consumers are not currently sure if it is 100% real. Surprisingly, there is a class action lawsuit against Kroger which challenges Kroger’s Raw Honey claims. “Kroger reportedly advertises their ‘Private Selection Raw and Unfiltered Wildflower Honey’ and ‘Simple Truth Organic Raw and Unfiltered Honey’ as ‘raw and unfiltered,’ but these representations are allegedly false.” I will update this section as we learn more information. 

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