What’s Best for You: iRadio or Pandora?

Internet music-streaming services abound, and the number of options available continues to grow. Expected to launch this summer is the streaming service from Apple, unofficially named iRadio, which will jump into the field along with well-established streaming services like Pandora. You may wonder which service will be the best for satisfying your need to rock, so take a moment to consider the following information on both services.

iRadio Will Offer More On-Demand Services


What's Best for You: iRadio or Pandora?
What’s Best for You: iRadio or Pandora?

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Because the launch of iRadio is yet to occur, the specific nature of its features remains a mystery. However, with Apple’s reputation for providing users with innovative and user-friendly features, positive speculation abounds. An article posted on techradar.com states, “the idea of being able to download a song from iRadio to iTunes with a single click will no doubt make Apple’s streaming service an appealing prospect to consumers.”

iRadio May Offer High-Quality Sound

Who doesn’t enjoy sound with such great quality that you feel like the artist is in the same room with you? Joe Cox, writing for the tech review website whathifi.com, posed the question, “Could it be that Apple’s streaming service will look to major on high quality sound?” Citing collaborations and negotiations among Apple, Universal, and Beats by Dre, Cox further said that it is “clear that plans are afoot.”

Of course, regardless of which music-streaming service you opt for, the quality of your internet connection plays an important role in how well you enjoy your music. And the repercussions could be staggering — users could flock in droves to high-speed services like www.HghSpeedInternetProviders.com to keep their tunes playing smooth, clear, and uninterrupted.

Pandora is a Proven Force

While the prospect of Apple’s streaming service might make you drool in anticipation, Pandora is the 800-lb. gorilla when it comes to music-streaming services. And you certainly wouldn’t be alone in choosing Pandora. Pandora reported that it now has 200 million registered listeners. This figure shows a doubling of registered listeners since 2011, when Pandora had only 100 million registered listeners.

Pandora also has more than 5 million likes on their facebook page, where they state “our mission is to play music you’ll love.” Indeed, Pandora does offers an impressive variety of music. Their blog website also shows that, within just a month, they may play more than 100,000 unique artists and 1,000,000 unique songs. All of this variety is available to listeners at no charge. A paid subscription is also available, offering music without advertisements.

Both Services Open the Door to Music Ownership

Regardless of whether a music-streaming service is free or requires a paid subscription, it’s always a channel through which listeners can discover new music that they would like to own. An NPD report stated, “Among consumers who listened to music on Pandora and other free music-streaming services, 41 percent reported that owning music was important to them.”

Are you among the 41 percent? If so, either Pandora or iRadio could serve as a platform for inspiring you to make new music purchases. Both services have their advantages, so it simply comes down to what features are most important to you.

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