Wii U Premium Pack, all you need to know: Specs & Features

The new Nintendo console Wii U has finally reached many of the countries and many people will be willing to acquire it.

Wii U
The first thing to know about new gaming console Wii U, that it introduces a new paradigm of game, replacing the famous ‘Wiimote’ a kind of tablet-GamePad is called-that will serve as the command and semi-portable console (though the Wiimote is still present).
Also, Nintendo makes the leap to high-dimensional and full network connectivity in Wii U, so you have an HDTV and a good internet connection is very necessary to fully enjoy the product.
As final notes, we must remember that Wii U is compatible with Wii games and that one of its main features is Miiverse, Twitter style social network full of Miis (Wii popularized avatars).
When you buy the console choose from two editions, the normal and Wii U Premium & Pack. Their differences are as follows:

Wii U Pack:

• Wii U white 8GB
• Stylus GamePad and white
• Power Adapter for Wii U and GamePad
• HDMI Cable


Wii U Premium Pack:

• Wii U 32GB black color
• GamePad Stylus color and black
• Base load for GamePad
• Support for Wii U and GamePad
• Nintendo Land (other offers included ZombiU)
• Nintendo Network Premium Subscription
• Power Adapter for Wii U and Gamepad
• Sensor bar for Wiimote
• HDMI Cable


As can be seen, the differences are significant. What about prices? For the normal edition 299 euros and 349 euros for Wii U Premium Pack. So, the choice is easy, especially if you enjoy Nintendo’s online infrastructure that ultimately will not be free.


Finally, what you need to run in any console are good games, and in this case Wii U to release 23 titles in between there is a little of everything, from exclusive new -ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, Toki Tori 2 – a multiplatform productions – Assassin’s Creed III, FIFA Soccer 13, Call of Duty Black Ops-II, so the mattress home is insured.

Now we just need to check if Wii U will repeat the success of its predecessor. What do you think? Do you plan to purchase Wii U?

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