Wikango MAX 2.0: Review & Specs

Wikango revealed an updated Max, its housing aid to driving that alerts you to danger zones of all kinds.

Wikango markets the Max 2.0, the housing assistant to help conduct the successor to Max ‘s first name. The Max 2.0 uses the same technical basis as its elder. Same dimensions (9.5 x 5.8 x 2.3 cm), even color screen (6 inches diagonally) and same mode simplified the use of only two buttons or almost.

MAX 2.0
Why Max 2.0?

The Max 2.0 is not a real novelty, but rather an opportunity for Wikango to reassure the community. Comes with the new software version Wikango, the Max 2.0 is certified NF. What the avoidance of doubt among users who feel lost and struggling to make the difference between legal and illegal products. The Max 2.0 would also be more precise in his voice alerts and its on-screen.

Alert and be alerted of danger zones

Found on the Max 2.0 a small joystick on the front to navigate the camera menus. At its peak, the two keys that are on the touch, allow to alert community members Wikango the presence of a danger zone. Between users of packages (eg Max and Max 2.0) and users of the mobile application (compatible iOS and Android), the manufacturer announced more than three million SmartDrivers.

A real asset if these users are active and point out the danger zones across different countries where this service is available (Germany, England, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Spain, USA, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden). Recall that according to legislation enacted in October 2011, a danger zone may correspond to multiple things slow down a tunnel, an accident or yet the presence of a fixed or mobile. These areas are cut into lengths of 4 km on the highway, 2 km of major roads in town and 300 meters. The Max 2.0 is already available at 180 euros, including a one-year subscription. A version with lifetime subscription is also offered at 300 euros. In the latter case, the housing is guaranteed for three years.
The color display
The price with lifetime subscription
The new interface


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