Will Windows Phone 8 be available in your Country?

Microsoft has big plans for Windows Phone 8, as indicated by voiced during the recent announcement of the figures, namely, support for 50 languages and available in over 180 countries.

Windows Phone 8

But during the announcement of a new mobile platform company focused its attention on what the country’s “white list”, but it’s an important question, because currently there is only Windows Phone available in 63 countries. How long the information Microsoft did not keep a secret and published in the official blog of the list of countries where the service will be available to Windows Phone Market Place. Black dots indicate the country where the WP platform is already present, and blue – new markets for Windows Phone.


Another important point is that the Windows Phone 8 will be available in 180 and Microsoft App Hub. That is, the company is seriously expanding access platform for developers, and this in turn should give rise to an increase in the number of third-party software for Windows Phone and the rapid emergence of applications that use the advantages of the new platform i.e. Microsoft Windows Phone 8.


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