Will you sign up to new email service from IBM?

The first email service I had signed up to in college, was Hotmail. After that I got accounts in other services as well including rediffmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and others. So why should I be signing up to new email service from IBM?

Here are my reasons:

IBM has revealed Verse, a cloud-powered service that merges email, social features and analytics into a single service.

Verse features a dashboard that pulls information from various organisational and communication tools, such as email, calendar, social network and to-do list applications, to provide what IBM calls an “at-a-glance” single view of the most pressing actions for the day.

I want my name@verse.com as my mail id. If you are John or Richard or Peter, imagine the kind of mail ids you had to make up to sign in other mails. Being the new service, you may want to see if you can grab the name you always wanted.

IBM has said that it does not plan to scan email boxes for advertising. Google’s paid commercial version of Gmail has no advertising and doesn’t scan user mail, though the free Gmail service does so to better target ads.

Steps to sign in to a new verse account:

Visit https://www.ibm.com/social-business/us/en/newway/sign-up/index.html

Enter your name, surname, current other email id and country.

Once you have signed up, you will see an acknowledgement as below:

IBM verse email sign in process
IBM verse email sign in process

It is expected that IBM will notify you once they launch. Do sign up early to get the name you always wanted.

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