Will your phone or tablet be updated to Android Jelly Bean check out the list?

Since leaving the armed Jelly Bean has quite a stir among manufacturers and developers, as well as the pressure that Google set to update almost all devices in just two months. Soon many developers will have free of the new ROM version for smartphones and best known manufacturers were still issuing their statements in which not ensure anything, after nearly a month’s time the truth and more or less all companies have finalized the update for their terminal. If you have an Android device and want to see if will be updated to Jelly Bean or not, then read on.

Android Jelly Bean


Galaxy S: Did not receive updates to Ice Cream Sandwich and obviously will not receive a Jelly Bean.
Galaxy S II: No security update and are still testing the new version on the Samsung but the device supports it perfectly, no dates confirmed.
Galaxy S III: Receive update insurance but no dates confirmed, but sources place it soon.
Galaxy Note: The terminal supports plenty of Jelly Bean but not yet ruled on it.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus: The first device with Jelly Bean, for more information go to the section of Google.

Samsung Tabs:
The first generation of these months will receive the upgrade to ICS and Jelly Bean nothing is known of the second generation does not know when you update from 4.0 to 4.1.

One X: You will receive the update and HTC is already preparing for what will soon but there are no confirmed dates.
One S: Like the One X will receive the Jelly Bean update and HTC is already preparing for what will soon but there are no confirmed dates.


We do not know anything specific about any of the current Xperia device that will be updated to Jelly Bean.


Except for the Motorola Xoom sure to update soon Jelly Bean and about others there is not any info.


Soon, ASUS Transformer Pad terminals 300, Transformer and Transformer Prime Infinity will be updated to Jelly Bean but still no confirmed dates.


Galaxy Nexus: Jelly Bean OTA update.
Nexus S: Jelly Bean OTA update.
Nexus One: Will not be updated.
Motorola Xoom Wifi: It will be updated to Jelly Bean soon.
This entry will be updated shortly as when manufacturers unveiling their intentions then updated (or not) their terminals to the new version of Android, so keep an eye, and do not miss anything.

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