Windows 7 has become more popular than Windows XP

According to a study of the market of operating systems, which was conducted by Net Applications, Windows 7 finally is surpassed by popularity already outdated version of Windows XP.

Windows 7
Thus, the market share of Windows 7 in August 2012 increased by 0.51 percentage points compared with July and was 42.72%. At the same time, the share of Windows XP fell by 0.34 percentage points – from 42.86% in July to 42.52% in August. Version of Windows Vista, which at the time of its release was not the most flattering, gradually loses its already low popularity. Its market share fell by 0.45 percentage points – from 6.60% in July to 6.15% in August.

It should be noted that Microsoft controls most of the operating systems market. In August 2012 at the dale of Windows operating system had 91.77% of the market. A month earlier, the rate was 92.01%. On the second most popular operating systems were Apple Mac OS, the share of which in August had 7.13% of the market. Compared with July, an increase of 0.16 percentage points. The share of Linux operating systems increased slightly in August compared with July – by 0.08 percentage points. But even with this family of the OS only 1.10% market share.

Recall that in late October of this year, Microsoft plans to introduce a new operating system – Windows 8. After that cause material change in the market shares of the existing versions of the OS. Let’s see in future, Windows 8 would be able to surpass the Windows 7.

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