Windows 8 booking

Microsoft has opened reservations within the U.S. for the next version of Windows 8 operating system and moreover the booking price is as according to official price of the various versions that will be on sale on October 26.

Windows 8 Pro

The list includes the following versions:
1. – Windows 8 (full version) – $ 99.99
2. – Windows 8 Professional (full version) – $ 139.99
3. – Windows 8 Pro Pack (Product Key only) – $ 69.99
4. – Windows 8 Professional (Upgrade) – $ 69.99

The first two are the complete editions although Windows 8 will not exist as such a retail version but will be provided through the License System Builder.

As you know, this is the first time Microsoft provides this license so far limited to OEMs and entitles the user to install and run on an older computer or new private building, Windows 8.

The third option, Windows 8 Pro Pack, is the version of Windows 8 to upgrade from Windows 8 Pro with Media Center, provided with a code to download without physical drive.

The number four is for the boxed version to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows XP Pro, Vista and 7. Remember, Microsoft has announced updates to such a lower price of $ 39.90 but in this case via online download.

Extensive options to buy or upgrade Windows 8 Pro or simple versions and confirms that it is the cheapest Windows in Microsoft history at least in its launch phase.
Besides the operating system, it has also opened within reserves and tablet computers with pre-installed Windows 8 from manufacturers such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Acer, ASUS and Sony. So, book your Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro accordingly and ready to enjoy new Microsoft software services.

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