Windows 8 Coolest Features You Should Know

With the launch of Windows 8, all the developers and designers at Microsoft corporation seem to be the happiest of all, as the ‘new’ operating system has proved to be worthy enough with the release of the Windows Phone. Windows 8, with its innovative features and designs certainly offers users with the best innovation, enriching and effective functionalities. Before you opt for Windows 8, let me provide you a glimpse of Windows 8 coolest features you should be aware about:

Windows 8

  1. 1.       Windows 8 App Market

Windows 8 app market has numerous apps available which certainly is useful to boost the sales. Users can easily download their required apps from the app market to enhance their usability and functionality. Moreover, they can find apps that can aid them showcase their skills to the best.

  1. 2.       Designed For Touch

The Windows 8 OS is capable of running on Ultrabookes and tablets including the feature of touch screen, to even desktops and laptops. The OS supports ‘touch-fist’. For this reason, all the apps designed for Windows 8 feature touch functionality. It completely necessitates the fact that the elements have to provide adequate room for users looking for prompt feedback with the ‘touch’ facility.

  1. 3.       The News Apps

With the News Apps, you can stay active to post comments, discuss articles or simply you can tag them. The app has been integrated into the application program by Share Charm. With this, you need not to waste your time in entering codes for the social networks as the app automatically integrates with the launch of any new social networking portals.

  1. 4.       The Live Titles

The feature of Live Title gives users the opportunity of having a constant and regular connection. Since it provides them a luxury of been continuously updated with the information that is displayed in the titles.

  1. 5.       The Call For Designers

The Windows 8 application guides provide users with a detailed view of the accurate forms of applications. As there has been a scarcity of good designers, there are numerous developers who are utilizing the Windows 8 operating system platform when they are in need of designers who can provide them with inclusive designs.

  1. 6.       Windows 8 Designing

The design language of Windows 8 operating system has been inspired by several classic design concepts and movements. It is essential to understand the fundamentals so that you can get a better idea when you are to design an app.

  1. 7.       Amazing Interface

The Windows 8 works in a full screen mode in a landscape orientation. It totally signifies the fact that there is sufficient room for laying your required content. The highly beautiful, expressive and effective apps are actually a result of liberal photography.

  1. 8.       Bookmark or Save

Users can enjoy the feature of ‘bookmarking; or ‘save’ content which they definitely can read later on. They can make use of this app to go through things at their own comfort and convenience.

Microsoft needed the ‘big change’ and with Windows 8, it has done it well after a really long time.

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