Windows 8 is so simple to use that a child under 3 years handled it perfectly

Windows 8 will hit the market this week with a completely revamped interface; we are talking about the new Modern UI interface (formerly known as Metro). Microsoft has let go of their traditional desktop, Start button, etc for large format colorful buttons on an interface that could pass as a unique interface for tablet.

Windows 8

The design approach committed to Windows 8 to use touch screens is already one of the hot topic going around on Windows 8.

However, this change does not imply that it is difficult to use, many people are rising the fact that it is not for the laptops and computers it is just for tablets and in touchscreen panels it is easy to use the Windows 8, and if you are one of them supporting this that Windows 8 is not perfect for you because its difficult use then you may wrong. We have seen how a three year old child is able to use it naturally. This is a very intuitive and yes, you have to adapt, but it is a matter of hours. In the below video you can check, how a 3years old using Windows 8 smoothly.

This all shows that people are just rising the matter of difficulty in Windows 8 but in actual nothing is like that but, we can say it is just the matter of chance, may be people are so much addicted to Windows 7 that a new change is not good for you, well changes come as according to time, people will accept it later or now. So, let’s wait and watch for the official release of Windows 8 on 26th October, most awaiting date of 2012, hundreds of Gadgets running Windows 8 will hit the market shelves on the same day.

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