Windows 8 Pro price is $ 188?

The price of the volume licensed Windows 8 Pro price will be $ 188 which can give us an idea of the final cost of the operating system for the end user.

Windows 8 Pro price

Commercial retail boxed version for retail sale is not known if eventually hitting the market, as some sources point to its cancellation and the exclusive use of the digital download as Apple does with the Mac OS X.

Some rumors that contributes to the lack of information from Microsoft, no ads on this release just over two weeks of release.

Windows 8 Pro price

In any case, the price would be considerably cheaper than Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional version of which exceeds $ 300 retail. The price would be in line with the set for $ 39.90 upgrade from previous operating systems. So, let’s wait for the end week of October 2012 when Windows 8 Pro price will be official and its other versions will also be official.

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