Windows 8 users also prefer Windows 7 | Windows 8 Vs Windows 7

A recent survey of users of pre-release Windows 8 has indicated that more than half of those users still prefer the current version of Microsoft operating system, Windows 7.

Windows 8

The survey was conducted in (with a unique design that mimics the touch interface of the operating system), and more than 50,000 users have answered questions about what they like and dislike about the new operating system.

The result was clear: 53% of current users of Windows 8 (in any preprints) indicated that preferred Windows 7 to Windows 8. Furthermore, a quarter of the participants indicated that Windows 8 was their favourite version of Windows, highlighting the fast boot times and new modes off as more interesting features.

Internet Explorer 10 was also highly rated by respondents (35% highlighted this browser), while only 22% found the new interface (formerly Metro) as one of the most important operating system. This was all about the Windows 8 Vs Windows 7, you can see still people are not going to leave Windows 7, no doubt Windows 7 was the greatest success for Microsoft and as rumoured before Microsoft is launching the Windows 8 without its completion, so question arises Windows 8 will also fall as Windows Vista but the survey about Windows 8 Vs Windows states that new Microsoft Windows is a great Operating System with new improvements and speed.

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