Windows 8 will allow users to install common OEM versions

A new license agreement for Windows 8 called Personal Use License for System Builder will allow a user to build their own computer with OEM versions of the system, the first time in history that Microsoft legally permitted.

Windows 8 OEM EULA

Microsoft has completely changed in Windows 8 their license agreements for the end user. Known as EULA, its mere mention cause fear as well as some unfair conditions of use of software, uses a dense and wordy language of technical and legal incomprehensible to ordinary user.

In Windows 8, Microsoft has simplified legal terms by replacing simpler language and close which includes a series of questions and answers that bring understanding to the client who is forced to accept the agreement before installation.

Besides language, new licensing agreements contemplate a new EULA Personal Use License for System Builder which entitles you to install and run on an old computer or new private construction (in physical partition or a virtual machine), the same OEM license that Microsoft offers manufacturers.

It may seem trivial but it will lower and much installing Windows 8 without having to resort to commercial retail version in the case of Windows 7 more full than 300 dollars / euros.

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