Windows Phone 8 rebooting problem resolved. How?

There are various issues and problem observed and reported by users using the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform. The most commonly reported problem for Windows Phone 8 platform is the abrupt rebooting. The smartphone reboots by itself without giving any prior warning. This irritates when you are in the middle of the conversation, or transferring am image file using Wi-Fi. Also the time it takes to reboot will further increase the pain. Microsoft Windows Phone 8 platform is already trailing behind the popular Android and iOS phones and the random rebooting problem could take away some more users bringing the popularity further down.

No doubt, Windows Phone 8 is the third option after Android and iOS smartphones, but it has this peculiar abrupt rebooting problem. The problem is predominantly observed on HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 devices. You may not observe the rebooting problem on other devices using Windows Phone 8 platform. Users have started reporting this problem since Christmas last year

We did some research on how to resolve this issue and tried to find some good solutions.

Solution 1

The factory reset option provided on your phone is the first option that you would like to try.

  1. Take the backup of the phone
  2. Go to App list -> Settings -> Backup
  3. Select App list -> settings and choose Back up now option.
  4. Go to About -> Reset your phone
  5. Select ‘Yes’ 2 times again when prompted.

Windows Phone 8 reboot

Solution 2

Microsoft has released an OTA update in USA towards the end of last year to fix the rebooting problem. The update is called Portico. Please note it is not released worldwide, but will be available soon. Download the updates and apply to your smartphone.

  1. Check the latest updates on your smartphone
  2. Go to App list -> Settings -> Phone update
  3. Check for updates
  4. Follow the steps to update.
  5. If the problem persists, restart the phone.
  6. Press and hold the power button
  7. Slide down till Slide down to power off is displayed
  8. Turn the phone back again.

Windows Phone 8 reboot fix with OTA

If you are not able to switch off the phone then remove the battery, replace it again and try restarting the phone.

Either of the solution will hopefully resolve the Windows Phone 8 abrupt rebooting problem.

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