Windows Phone Apollo Plus: Support VPN, improved audio & Wi-Fi: Features

Microsoft is working on the first update for Windows Phone 8, code-named Windows Phone Apollo Plus. This is just a minor version, but it includes a number of important improvements. For example, there will be support for VPN, which is very important for the corporate sector. This feature will allow employees to connect to your network is using WP-smartphone.


There will also be improved module Wi-Fi connection in terms of reliability during the transition phone to standby mode. In the current version of Windows Phone 8, that the connection often is dropped. Microsoft also promises a number of improvements in the audio also with new update of Windows Phone Apollo Plus.

Windows Phone Apollo Plus

In its new mobile platform Microsoft company added feature updates over the air (OTA) and the release of Windows Phone Apollo Plus is a good opportunity to test it. Back in the Windows Phone 8 expected emergence of “Notification Center”, but Microsoft did not have time to implement this option to release the OS. Perhaps in the first update, it will still be added. Detailed company will talk about Windows Phone Apollo Plus at the Mobile World Congress in February next year, so stay tuned for more updates regarding the update of Windows Phone Apollo Plus.

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