Windows XP is 11 years old since its launch

The date Microsoft has chosen 26th October 2012 for the global launch of Windows 8 is singular: On this day 11 years ago made appearance the Windows XP, a system that received much criticism initially, but has become the most long-lived of the company.

Windows XP

In fact, Windows XP is still installed according to Net Applications in nothing less than the 41.23% of computers around the world, an incredible figure that until recently was even higher than the market share of Windows 7.

That success even 11 years after its release due to many factors, but the most important was probably the fact that he was one of the best operating systems of its time, especially after running until 3 Service Packs, the second one was particularly significant, which resulted in the consolidation of a platform that ended working really well.

The life cycle of Windows XP initially lengthened due to netbook phenomenon, prompting Microsoft is seeing almost obliged to license the system longer and extend the support period after certification that the operation of Windows XP on the Intel Atom that populated these netbooks was far superior to the more resource intensive Windows Vista or Windows 7.

In fact, even with the release of Windows 8 will have to see if Windows XP users will be convinced that it might be time to make the leap to a new version, which in fact may not happen even after the end of the official support period, which is still available until April 8, 2014.

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