Wireless Storage devices from Seagate: Features and Review

Thinking about the new gadgets that are coming to market, it is evident that Manufacturers are continuously thinking on user convenience and user satisfaction. User convenience for hardware equipment can be in terms of portability, ease of use, storage space, speed, etc. All are required in today’s electronic world. One would like to enjoy songs, music, photos from his/her smartphones and tablets while sitting on his sofa. This cannot be done conveniently by connecting a wire from you tablet/Smartphone to your hard disk or media player to access hundreds and thousands of media files.

Seagate Wireless Storage Devices:

At the CES 2013, there are two Wireless Storage Devices that Seagate Technology has unveiled. One Wireless Storage Device is for the handheld devices like the Smartphones and tablets while the other is for computer and digital devices at home. The Seagate Wireless Plus is a 1TB hard drive having Wi-Fi capability is made available for the handheld devices, whereas the Seagate Central is a Wireless Storage Device with centralized data storage capability made available for your PC and home digital devices.

One can enjoy media from anywhere on tablet or Smartphone by connecting (without wire) to the Seagate Wireless Plus using Wi-Fi connectivity. The Seagate Wireless Plus Wireless Storage Device comes up with USB 3.0 adapter and can be used to display media files on TV using apps like Airplay and DLNA. Navigation and streaming of media files will be easier using the free apps available on tablets and Smartphones. One can stream up to 3 different HD movies to three devices at the same time. 1TB storage on this Wireless Storage Device is sufficient to store all your videos, HD media files, photos and music without worrying about the space on the handheld devices.

Seagate Wireless Plus for tablets/Smartphones
Seagate Wireless Plus for tablets/Smartphones

The Seagate Central is another Wireless Storage Devices primarily designed as a backup storage device for your home computer, however this wireless storage device can also be accessed remotely. It can be used as a centralized media library for your computer, TVs, game consoles and media players. The best feature of this wireless storage device is that it not only can it store files for your home PC, but it also downloads and stores media files, photos directly from Facebook. You need a Wi-Fi router to download the files.

Seagate Wireless Central for home PC/devices
Seagate Wireless Central for home PC/devices

Both the storage devices comes up with free Seagate Media app for iOS and Android®  which makes it easy to browse and enjoy your content with a mobile device or PC either at home or while on the road.

The 1TB Seagate Wireless Plus price is around US$199.99, whereas the Seagate Central 1TB

version will be sold at US$199.99, the 2TB version will be sold at US$219.99 and the 3TB version will be at US$259.99

No wonder the Wireless Storage Device innovation (Seagate Wireless Plus) brought by Seagate in the data storage space bagged the Best of Innovations Award at the a CES 2013.

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