With the botnet Eurograbber attackers stole more than $ 47 million from bank accounts

According to analysts of the security company Check Point Software and Versafe, in Europe this year was recorded botnet called Eurograbber. With it, attackers were able to organize fraudulent transfers of funds to the tune of more than € 34 million (approximately $ 47 million), and the botnet victims were 30 thousand users of digital banking. And the sum of one transaction could be between € 500 (about $ 650) to € 25 thousand (about $ 32 thousand).

botnet malware Eurograbber Trojan Zeus


Hackers developed a rather complicated circuitry to access money of the victim. The scheme included several stages. Infection begins with the fact that the user clicks on a malicious link. Get the link could be a result of a phishing attack. After clicking on the link the user to the site to which you are trying to install different versions Trojan Zeus. These programs are tracking user to Web sites, and allow an attacker to embed the browser specific code HTML and JavaScript. The next time you visit the bank’s website user Trojan Zeus captures account data and runs JavaScript, which deduced the deceptive message about the need to upgrade the security system to protect your device from attacks. After that the collection of data on the OS you use and mobile devices. This data is then used to conduct attacks the second level. An attacker sends a text message to your mobile device victim, which contained a link to a site from which the alleged download software for encryption. In fact, it is malware ZITMO (Zeus in the mobile). This Trojan Zeus botnet was created for mobile operating systems Android and BlackBerry. It is embedded in the browser and software for working with text messaging.


Once the two devices have been infected the victim by Trojan Zeus botnet, the attacker was waiting for another user to access to your bank account, after which the transfer of funds to your account. In this case, the interception of the confirmation message from the bank and it redirects to the control server. Then it carried out the payment confirmation. This process is repeated each time a user to your bank account. So, this was how Trojan Zeus botnet system able to steal the money, so beware from attackers, save your online banking. Consult with your bank regarding your bank that how secured you are and what things you should keep in mind. Also, if you see any unusual activity with your online banking even if it is favour of you then don’t forget to report bank because you may invite a botnet.

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