WSJ: Amazon smartphone with a display of 4 to 5 inches is in the active test

In further confirmation of the Network emerged Amazon plans to enter into the smartphone market. Last week this news agency Bloomberg wrote about it and now joined by Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Amazon Smartphone

An anonymous source said the information resource that Amazon is now undergoing a smartphone active testing, although its mass production scheduled for late this year or early next. Information about this came from the suppliers of components for the American Trading Company. With regard to the characteristics, it is still known only to display new items. In the current test sample its screen display diagonal is in the range of 4 to 5 inches.
About the software and other characteristics of the device while no information, but the fact that this kind of product development within the Amazon speaks volumes. Last year the company made a boom in tablets, offering a very powerful and high-quality Kindle Fire for $ 200. It is possible that a similar initiative, and Amazon can crank out in the smartphone market. The main income the company receives from the sale of content and can not afford to subsidize the device or sell it almost at cost. So, we can expect Amazon smartphone will come with a bang in the market. Moreover, the price of Amazon smartphone will be cheaper and affordable as compare to other powerful smartphones.


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