XBMC for Android – Android-media players are suddenly starting to look very different

I guess everyone knows about the media center XBMC – the best application for creating a multimedia player based on the PC. But the fact that its developers are now in full working on a version for Android, something was overlooked, and in vain – because its output has numerous army of media players (such as completely anonymous Chinese, and from more famous brands) suddenly (hopefully) free of charge to get the best out of existing shell media center – fast, convenient, functional and beautiful.

XBMC for Android
A fortnight ago on the official website was released the announcement, which implies that the Android-version already exists and works well on the test device Pivos XIOS DS – to be honest, the first time I heard about this, but it does not matter, because the developer claims that run XBMC will be on any Android-device, be it player, tablet or smartphone (separately pleased with the fact that the application will not require root). Of course, there are nuances that are yet to be overcome – scaling interface for small screens of smart phones, support for hardware decoding of video and audio to multiple devices (currently this is done in software), the optimization of the system requirements under the current fleet of rather big Android-devices, etc. So at this point the developer does not release the application in open access, offering only the source code, and promises in the coming weeks to offer the test apk selected beta testers. Unofficial builds can be found on the forums Pivos, if you’re not ready for such experiments, the developer has laid out a “special low-quality version of the real estate developer” teaser video with XBMC for Android:

Frankly, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the future release of this monster, like XBMC, on the platform Android. Indeed, many low Android-players come with as simple as their own shell and the “naked Android, and their owners XBMC is a real gift – for $ 100 a media center, in terms of functionality and convenience similar to that previously it was possible to collect only on the basis not of the low-cost PCs. In general, expect a public release and hope that everything will work as smoothly as in the above teaser.

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