Xbox 360 has got a new interface and Internet Explorer

Since the summer of this year, a new dashboard and user interface for the Xbox 360 is in beta testing and was available wishing to participate in the program. Now it can load each through built-in upgrade, the testing period is over. But with the new interface, users have become available new applications with services for example the console version of Internet Explorer.

Xbox 360

At the start of the browser is available only to subscribers of Xbox LIVE Gold ($ 50 per year), and on October 26, after the release of Windows 8, the program will benefit all owners of Xbox 360, update the dashboard, reports CNET. Internet Explorer would be control using a joystick, which is, in effect, replaces the mouse. Free cursor hovers over the interface, and does not jump between active zones by pressing.

In addition to this latest dashboard, it contains a number of other features. In particular, voice search, including the ability to search by genre, video content in search results Bing, function allocation in favorite content, followed by a rapid transition to it (movies, series, games, web sites, applications), recommendations for video games and TV Transmission / serials, the rating system, the combined channel “TV and Movies” on the dashboard for easy search. Traditionally increased fluidity of the interface and performance in Xbox 360.

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