Xbox SmartGlass for Android: Features & its Uses

Finally, Xbox SmartGlass has appeared, not only for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 which will arrive on Monday, but also for Android. Yes, now Xbox SmartGlass for Android is available.

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass is an application with which you can interact with Microsoft’s console using handheld devices like tablets and smartphones, as a remote control.

In fact, Xbox SmartGlass goes far beyond. Their functionalities are as follows:

• Use as a remote control, especially in multimedia playback.
• Multiscreen: to start watching a movie or series SmartGlass and continue in the console / TV or vice versa, in addition to using the tablet or phone as support for extra content, which will use chains or cone HBO Sports NBA, UFC and ESPN. Besides Xbox Music that show additional info the groups in question.
• Internet Explorer: The console version will have on their tablets and smartphones trackpad perfect.
• Games: Able to use the phone or tablet screen to complement the game (maps, strategy) or even extra control for those with tactile touch.

In essence, Xbox SmartGlass is a full-fledged copy of the new system of Nintendo Wii U and its new controller with a prior clear advantages: it is a software platform that you can use on your tablet or smartphone with Windows 8, Android and within very little, surely, iOS (Apple authorized when the application).

For now, you can download Xbox SmartGlass for Android 4.0 or higher. If you have an Xbox 360, do not miss it.

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