Xiaomi’s under $25 Yi Camera Night Vision Edition Vs $129.99 Hero from GoPro

Xiaomi is in the news for the new Yi Camera with Night Vision for under $25.

It comes with a 940 mm infra-red camera sensor meaning it works without any light. Other than this new sensor, other functions are still the same – taking photos, recording HD quality video and are Wi-Fi-enabled and can do live streaming.

Yi Camera with night vision

Priced at €22, Xiaomi Yi Camera Night Vision Edition is just a tad higher than the previous Yi model at €19.

Yi Camera is on sale in China since June 4 via the official Xiaomi web store although because of the super cheap price, one will be lucky to get hand on one.

As per GizmoChina, the Yi Camera costs only USD $21.

The action camera has few specifications which are better when compared to the $129.99 GoPro Hero. For comparison purposes, given below are all the details of Yi Camera and GoPro Hero. GoPro specs are in the (brackets).

Yi Vs GoPro camera

Yi Camera Vs GoPro Hero Comparison:

  1. Video recording: 1080p at 60 FPS (1080p at 30 FPS)
  2. Maximum storage capacity: Up to 64 GB (Up to 32 GB)
  3. Time lapse (second intervals): 5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 (5)
  4. Burst: 3/5/7 per second/7 in 2 seconds (10 photos in 2 seconds)
  5. Weight: 72 grams (72 grams)
  6. Waterproof limit: Up to 40 meters (130 feet) – (Up to 40 meters (130 feet))
  7. Maximum image capturing resolution: 16 MP (5 MP)
  8. Other features: Backside-illuminated Sony sensor, 155 degree wide angle lens, 3D noise reduction and digital image stabilization
  9. Battery: 1,010 mAh (1,180 mAh)
  10. Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes (No)
  11. Accessories: Helmet mount and cat harness (various)


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