XP password hacked in six minutes using GPUs and brute force

A researcher has presented a cluster of GPUs tests up to 348,000 million combinations per second and gets the password authentication systems like Windows XP in six minutes by brute force technique.

brute force

The stolen computer passwords is the order of the day and the speed of cracking them has grown exponentially in the last five years and use hash algorithms obsolete but still used and large machines brute force as the present one.

It is a cluster of five 4U servers equipped with 25 AMD Radeon GPUs (expandable to 128) and bus speed communications to 10 Gbps InfiniBand. It was presented at the conference Passwords ^ 12 by researcher Jeremi Gosney (known for getting passwords professional social network LinkedIn exploiting a security hole) and also hardware uses customized versions of Virtual OpenCL for the cluster and to break Hashcat passwords.

brute force

In tests, the team was able to combine 348,000 million passwords per second in the LM hash algorithm used to authenticate to the Windows XP operating system and get your 14-digit passwords in six minutes by brute force technique, so you can imagine digital password will not be secure in future.

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