You can charge your mobile phone wirelessly with the next generation of ultrabooks

The third quarter of next year, we will see ultrabooks with a wireless charging system for smartphones in the hands of Intel. No doubt an important point as we avoid the typical carry microUSB cable for this task.

A technology itself intended to recover batteries of electronic devices like smartphones that would be implemented after the launch of the chips Haswell, base of the third generation of ultrabooks.

wireless charging

Intel used the concept of inductive energy transfer using a source ultrabook combined with software and a transmitter for wirelessly charging a smart phone or others.

According to data from Intel, the solution would employ a minimum consumption and would not require that the smartphone was placed in a specific position.

Intel manufacturers to provide design suggestions to integrate the transmitter and receiver and achieve lower production costs. Also the dedicated software that would manage this technology.

Besides Intel, other manufacturers of smartphones and communications sector are developing wireless charging technologies. These include the Japanese NTT Docomo and Sharp, with systems that meet the standard defined by the Wireless Power Consortium although the high price of this technology is still creating barriers to scaling.

It was hoped that another major, Samsung, put on the market this summer based wireless charger electromagnetic charge but technical problems have delayed. It is hoped that the Korean company bet on a system based on magnetic induction, such as Intel, extending the functions of Ultrabooks.

Apple also has a patent for wireless charging by induction mobile recharge in addition to improve your wireless signal.

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