Zikmu Solo by Starck, an elegant speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Review & Specs

The Zikmu Solo by Starck Parrot is a real all-in-one speaker. It incorporates a dock for Apple, stereo audio system 100 watts RMS and multiple connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Zikmu Solo design is elegant and powerful; this audio embeds an extensive connection. It beeps in efficiently a large number of devices, wired or wireless.

Zikmu Solo
After the pair of premium speakers Zikmu, its tune of Zikmu Solo a single enclosure therefore always designed by Philippe Starck. It has the same design as the original first, but is more “only” 800 euros (against 1200 euros). Available in black or white, will be available in the month of November.

Powerful and a lot of technology

Zikmu Solo speaker is 78 cm high delivers a powerful sound of nearly 100 watts RMS with two side speakers and a center speaker, located in the upper part of the enclosure. The lower half is including the subwoofer. The Zikmu Solo distinguishes itself from its many competitors by its ability to adjust the sound quality depending on the size of the room (Technology Room Size Compensation) and location (Room Position Compensation). Both are technologies patented by Parrot as signal processing Sound Flex. Another advantage of the model is the rich connections. This speaker plays music from an iPhone or an iPod plugged into the Apple Dock (located at the top), and that of other mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi To facilitate this type of connection without wire enclosure supports NFC, to establish the connection and configuration with a simple touch of the two devices.

Zikmu Solo

The Zikmu Solo is able, through an analog audio input auxiliary, stream music from an audio source such as an MP3 player, a CD / DVD player, game console or PC. It can also relay the sound from the TV or stereo via the optical digital input. Just as it is also able to stream music stored on a PC or an external hard drive connected to a local network, through its Ethernet port. Note that it is compatible with UPnP and DLNA.

An app for iPhone, soon for Android

Side software application Parrot Audio Suite free download on the manufacturer’s website or on the App Store is available to allow the control of the speaker from an iPhone, iPod or iPad. A version for Android smartphones and tablets is due soon. Finally, Zikmu Solo by Starck comes with an RF remote.

Fun original design
Rated power (100 watts RMS)
Integrated subwoofer
RF remote control
Connectivity (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)

No USB port
No memory card reader
No video output

This was all regarding the Zikmu Solo speakers and its review.

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